2020/06/02 Server News

Website, EQ Server


-Current EQ Server files can now be found at https://www.darkonites.com/eq-server.

EQ Server:

-NPCs will no longer benefit from item stats.

-Custom Class AA’s are now grant only.

-Reduced aggro radius in Plane of Fear on trash mobs.

-Dread, Fright and Terror will no longer Death Touch.

-Venril Sathir’s lifetap has been reduced.

-Kunark is now available from Classic on in progression.

-Shar Vahl is also now available from Classic on.

-Updated respawn times that were 24 hours or greater to 3 hours.

-Changes to Plane of Fear for an easier zone in.

-Removed unnecessary zone flag for Temple of Solusek Ro.

-Heal on zone will now heal you once on zone for HP, Mana, and Endurance.

-Plane of Hate added to the Mummified Wizard.

-Abysmal Sea is now available from Classic on.

-Removed Death Touch from Spiroc Lord

-Changes to Cazic-Thule regarding NPC aggro (less trash mobs)

-Naggy and Vox should no longer banish players over level 52.

-Adjusted Silverwing’s charm recast timer

-Dire Charm has been customized, and is now available in ranks starting at level 8.

-All bosses that end a progression task now grant the respective class/rank AA